Monthly Specials

March Special

$15 treatments for people who suffer from chronic pain.

April Special 

$15 treatments for POCA members

May Special

$15 treatments for workers


Some words from Sarah:

In the past we have based our specials on: occupations (ex: healthcare providers or service workers), things we like that people do (ex: carpool, have kids), or packages (ex: 2 for 1, 5 for $65, $10 for everyone).  We are refocusing the clinic's specials to be: more general and health related.  Let us know if you feel more excluded or confused. xoxo Sarah.

Our *New* Hours

Monday: 11am-3pm*
Tuesday: 3-7pm
Wednesday: 3-7pm*
Thursday: 3-7pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 11am-3pm*
Sunday: 1-5pm

*Weds and Sat with Bec
Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs with Sarah