New Patient Info

  • To schedule your first appointment at the clinic please call (215) 222-2303, drop in during business hours, or schedule here.

  • For general information about acupuncture go to our Acu F.A.Q. page. For information about our acupuncturist go to the Our Story page.

  • For your first treatment please plan to be at the clinic for about 90 minutes.  Follow up treatments may not take so long.  Please note that we does not have access to your records from Philadelphia Community Acupuncture.

  • During business hours, we are often able to accept walk-in appointments, but scheduling an appointment ahead of time is recommended and guarantees that we can see you.

  • At the clinic we use a paperless system of charting.  If you can, please come 15 minutes early to your first appointment to fill out your paperwork and get acquainted with the clinic.

  • During your first appointment, we will briefly review your health history, answer any questions you might have, and get you in a chair for a treatment.  Pretty simple!

  • Please wear or bring loose, comfortable clothing.  We will be asking you to roll your sleeves to your elbows and pants up to your knees.  Please refrain from wearing strong perfume, cologne, or scented lotion.

  • The treatment room does have relaxing music playing, but you are welcome to bring your own headphones and music to listen to.  We offer complimentary ear plugs if this does not suit you.

  • Have a snack before you come for treatment.  Being too hungry during treatment can cause a headache or even fainting.

  • Payment:  treatment rates are on a sliding scale of $20 – $40 per treatment.  You decide what you can afford – we have no income guidelines or income verification requirements. We accept cash, check, or credit card.  Each month we offer a different treatment special. And yes you can prepay for appointments and/or buy gift certificates for friends – we have all that stuff at the clinic. Please only buy what you think you will eventually use. Because treatments don’t expire we don’t generally offer refunds after three months.

  • We do ask you to please turn off your cell phone (or put it on silent). Thank you!

Our Hours

Monday: 3-7pm
Tuesday: 3-7pm
Wednesday: 3-7pm
Thursday: 3-7pm
Friday: closed
Saturday: 11-3pm
Sunday: 1-5pm

Wednesday and Saturday with Bec

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday with Sarah