Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions and
WPCA’s answers:

Does it hurt?
Not usually at all.  Most people feel relaxed or sleepy once the needles are in.  Some folks feel a pinch on some points while others don’t feel a thing.  We are all different but acupuncture needles are much the same: solid, flexible, and about as thin as two hairs together.

How does it work?
Good question.  Technically we don’t have a final answer.  Andy Wegman said it best –  “Whether seen as a result of particular chemical/hormonal processes, movement of bio-electricity, vascular excitement, regulation of the central nervous system, connective tissue communication, ‘placebo’ effect, positive thinking, or the manifestation of qi, acupuncture works.”

How often do I have to come in?
Twice a week is usually the minimum needed to get some momentum moving ahead with a health issue – more frequent visits are common for short periods of time if the problem is intense or severe. If you don’t come in often enough or for enough treatments, acupuncture may not work as well for you.

If you have more questions about acupuncture come on down to the clinic!  Or you can go check out this free e-book by Andy Wegman called Why Did You Put That Needle There?

Do you accept insurance?
No.  We try to keep our pricing close to the cost of a co-pay.  We will provide you with receipts for any treatments you receive at WPCA.  If you have an HSA or flexible health spending account this will pay for acupuncture.

But what do I pay on the scale?
You choose what to pay.  We don’t have income guidelines.  For us, what matters is that you are able to come in for treatment as often as you need to get better.  Paying more on the scale does not get you better results or a different treatment.  We know that for people to come in frequently, regularly, or even at all, the price per treatment needs to be low.  Because we don’t receive outside funding of any kind it can’t be free.  WPCA staff need their jobs to support them.  We have the scale so you can pay what you can afford to pay to come in and get better.

Do you offer refunds?

Because pre-purchased treatments don’t ever expire we don’t generally offer refunds. Please only buy what you plan on using. We understand that times and things change, we all move sometimes, have buyers remorse etc. If you made your purchase within 3 months than yes we can give you a refund. If you made your purchase longer than 3 months ago please consider giving them to a friend, paying them forward to a stranger, or giving us a detailed understanding of what’s up.

Do you reuse needles?
No.  We're really glad you asked that – we only needle with one-time use disposable needles.  Once your treatment is finished we dispose of those needles used right away.

Common examples of things successfully treated with acupuncture:

Abdominal pain Gingivitis Parkinson’s disease
Addiction control Headaches PMS
Anxiety Hyperacidity Poor vision
Arthritis IBS Postoperative pain
Athletic performance Indigestion Sinusitis
Back / neck pain Infertility Stress reduction
Blood pressure regulation Insomnia Stroke
Bronchitis Menopausal symptoms Tinnitus
Chronic fatigue Migraines Tonsillitis
Common Cold Muscle cramps/pain Toothache
Constipation Nervousness
Depression Neurogenic bladder dysfunction
Diarrhea Numbness

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