Our Story

West Philly Community Acupuncture opened on February 25th, 2014.  Our mission is to provide acupuncture to as many people as possible at affordable rates in a cozy community setting.  Our current definition of community includes: three acupuncturists, three front desk staffers, ten front desk volunteers, and over 4,000 patients!

Our Acupuncturists


Dan Wilbur, L.Ac.

Dan Wilbur, L.Ac.

Dan is a graduate of UC Berkeley, where he studied human geography, and Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College Berkeley, where he received his Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine in 2016. In addition to traditional Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, Dan practices Chinese herbology and is certified as a medical qigong practitioner.

Since leaving school, Dan has shifted focus from studying disease to studying the maintenance of health at the roots of Chinese and East Asian medical traditions. He finds value in presuming the body tends to go towards health rather than disease, and that acupuncture and Chinese medicine do not require you to be sick to benefit from its support.

Having benefited from regular visits to community acupuncture clinics, Dan is happy to now be offering affordable acupuncture in a community setting.  Dan is available on Fridays from 1-5pm.

Bec Jimenez, L.Ac.

Bec Jimenez, L.Ac.

Bec is a recent graduate of the Won Institute in Glenside, PA, where she completed a 3-year Master of Acupuncture degree program.  She was introduced to acupuncture when it helped her kick an 8-year nicotine addiction and she was able to experience firsthand the ability of this traditional health care to succeed where conventional methods had failed.  

Bec has extensive training in treating acute and chronic pain, and loves working with women’s health-related issues including hormonal and menstrual imbalance, fertility and prenatal care.

She is also a fluent Spanish speaker,  she creates access to acupuncture to our neighbors who feel more comfortable communicating in Spanish!  Bec is now the acupuncturist during the Wednesday and Saturday shifts.

Sarah Lefkowich, L.Ac.

Sarah Lefkowich, L.Ac.

Sarah is the founder of WPCA.  She received her master’s degree in acupuncture from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies in 2010.  Since then she has given over 25,000 treatments to over 4,000 people!  Community Acupuncture is Sarah's only acupuncture practice, she is a true blue believer.   Sarah is the acupuncturist during the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday shifts.


If you are interested in being a punk (acu-punk-turist, get it?) at WPCA, please contact us.  We would love to be open more!  No seriously, we would love to be open like all the time.  Also – go here AND here first. Thanks!


WPCA and Sarah were featured in an article on Community Acupuncture in the Daily News!!
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Just before we first opened in February 2014, the West Philly Local wrote a very nice piece about us.  Read it here.

Our Hours

Monday: 3-7pm
Tuesday: 3-7pm
Wednesday: 3-7pm
Thursday: 3-7pm
Friday: 1-5pm
Saturday: 11-3pm
Sunday: 1-5pm

Wednesday and Saturday with Bec

Fridays with Dan

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday with Sarah